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Online Urdu Quran

As Muslims we believe that Islam represent a complete code of life. Yet, few of us make any effort to explain ourselves with the Quran which is source of our faith. The subject I have chosen, namely, fairness, liability, penitence, patience and faith are among those which have been particularly emphasized and repeatedly explained in the Quran.

As the Online Quran Academy is such an important book, it has been translated variously in different languages. To mention some, Urdu and English are only two languages that are most widely and popularly translated to help the masses gain a better understanding of the holy Quran. And we can perfectly understand the need for you to gather the meaning of the scripture while you are reciting it simultaneously! And this can happen when you recite the Quran in your own language!! So, whether your language is Urdu or English, we have everything ready and solved for you here online!

Online recitation of Urdu as well as English Quran made easy and user friendly. With our alliance , you can recite Quran online in Urdu or English whatever pleases and suits your convenience! We assure you that reading the Quran in your mother tongue (be it in Urdu or English) will be as pleasing and refreshing as it is in its original form!! Try our online services for once and you will be delighted to see that a whole lot of facilities and knowledge awaits you in the simplest and most advantageous procedures. It has also been observed that online English and Urdu Quran recitation can improve your understanding of "surah", "ayats" and the many verses of the holy book in a way that can be easily applied in your daily life. Yes, all the benefits of online Quran recitation in Urdu and English come to you with only our association at!! So, in case you don't know Arabic - don't let that stop and discourage you from reading God's own words... Avail of our services now!!!