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Reimage PC Repair License Key has been a savior for thousands of Windows XP users that do not have much time and money for repairing their computer when it starts to become problematic. All you have to do with the Reimage repair service is to just connect online to their website and perform a thorough scan and repair of your Windows PC. Many people have done this and have taken the benefits of a cheap, reliable and safe repair service without needing to call for an expensive computer technician.

Here are some of the key benefits of Reimage online repair service:

o Repairs a damaged Windows XP operating system remotely. You just need to have an Internet connection.
o Repairs Windows XP even if the computer cannot boot (use the Bootable CD builder).
o Refreshes native operating system drivers and rebuilds the windows platform.
o By rebuilding the whole windows platform, it allows your system to run like new again.
o Fixes registry keys.
o Eliminates pop-ups, viruses, Trojans, spam etc.
o It will not harm your user data or the other software programs already installed.

As you understand, reimage is basically an online computer repair service that for the moment works only for Windows XP operating system (Vista support is planned for the future). It can fix your Windows XP system when it becomes dead slow, when it crashes all the time, when it gets infected from viruses and Trojans, and basically when its stability and security are compromised. It has received many positive reviews, not only from regular computer users but also from giants in technology like NetworkWorld, InformationWeek, etc.

When you visit the reimage website, you can download their software program which is used to scan your computer and diagnose all the windows operating system problems. With surgical precision, the software will pinpoint all corrupted, missing or problematic objects in your system and will use the Reimage web repository (25 million components, files, registry objects etc) to replace all problematic objects and files in your computer. With this patented technology, the Reimage Service repairs programs, refreshes drivers and removes bugs and glitches - while maintaining the integrity of the user data. The result is a reborn computer system that will run like new again!!

A major problem which people are facing nowadays is concerned with PC security. The Trojans and viruses present online get into your operating system and spoil it drastically. Virus problems can be solved by just visiting the Reimage website. Spyware, adware, Trojans, hijackers, identity theft malware, rogue antivirus, keyloggers and other unwanted software will be a distant memory for your computer system. Traditional antivirus tools just remove the virus code but do not fix any other damage. Reimage, however, is designed to fix any damage caused from viruses by replacing the corrupted files and restoring the registry keys making your computer run like it was before the virus.