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Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA 5 Download) one of the most anticipated PC games of the year started with problems. Those users who have installed the game are constantly receiving GTA IV crashes, freezing and other performance related issues. In this tutorial you will learn to fix GTA IV Crashes and other similar issues.

First of all uninstall drivers from your system, follow these steps:

1. Click on Start button.
2. Go to Add and Remove programs.
3. Scroll down to N-section and uninstall all Nvidia drivers.

Step 2 is to download and install driver sweeper.

In steps 3 you should restart your system in safe mode, to do this follow these steps.

1. Restart your PC.
2. Press and hold F8 before Windows logo appear.
3. After you logged in, it may say that you need to restart your computer. Now tell your it that you do not want to restart your system.

Now in the safe mode run driver cleaner. Search for ATI display drivers and Nvidia display drivers. Now click on Clean button. Close and reopen it. Make sure that no ATI and Nvidia driver found.

Now reboot machine into normal mode and install 180.60 version and restart again. Now you are able to see the texture hopefully. It is important that you install RegInOut registry cleaning software so that this does not happen again.

If you are receiving GTA IV Fatal Error RMN40 then check your system for SP3 (service pack 3) if not present then install it. (Win XP)

If your GAT IV crash to desktop with no error message then make sure that both SP3 and Microsoft.Net Framework 3.5 are installed. (Win XP)

If GTA IV is not working properly in Getforce 7900 then use the latest Nvidia drivers.