Anti Hair Loss Hair Tonic 120 ml.

Prevent hair loss with Ginseng extract,Enrich hair root and improve lively hair with extract from eclipta , Saw palmetto,Schizophyllan and Phellinus linteus. Help new hair healthy. Non Greasy tonic is well absorbed and good for daily use.
Manufacturer: Tropicana Oil


Anti Hair Loss Hair Oil  120 ml.




Indication : Drop and apply on your scalp , gentlely massage and leave on that area. Use regularly as indulge.


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Suitable for hair fall problems from pollutant and other causos , clean for hair and scalp,reduce haor fall with extracts from Ginseng, Eclipla , Saw palmetto , Schizophyllan and phellinus linteus , reduce scalp itchy and improve haircondition, enhance shiny and black-colores hair, good for hair types.
Extract from Ginseng. Eclipta , saw palmetto. Schizophyllan and Phellinus linteus enrich with hair and scalp nutrients, repair and improve hair condition, enchance shiny and black-colored hair good for any hair types
Good for your healthy skin and hair, enriched Lauric Acid which is a ‘medium chain fatty acid’ which highly useful as an additional to form monolaurin inside the body of human. Lauric Acid is antibacterial characteristics and anti-oxidant. When it apply to your skin softly, it is non-greasy and hypoallergenic.
Face nourishing and Protects your skin from losing the natural moisture and improves your skin for long-lasting youth looking.
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