Paper - wonders of coconut oil.

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The discovery of the genetic material of the nation's longevity. DNA studies of Jewish Germans. And grandchildren of Jews in Eastern Europe, three genes which are involved in life away.
And help prevent dementia. Among these genes, two genes that act to produce "good fats" that might prevent heart disease and Jordan - paralysis.
3 private prevents diabetes.
Coconut oil regularly. In addition to helping prevent heart disease, paralysis - paralysis and diabetes then. Coconut oil also prevent cancer, arthritis.
And non-infectious diseases as well as numerous other infectious diseases, both caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoa as well.

The consumer then enters the body. We also use coconut oil on his part of the soil. Since the face, arms, legs and lower torso and head by the hair and scalp massage.
In other words. From head to toe. As a result, the user is standing. Similar to the use Aaiuwanฒna.